Pictures by Violeta Puerta Cano

Musician Peter Lenz

Austria, 2018.

Peter Lenz is an internationally sought-after drummer, composer and arranger. Originally form Austria he has lived and worked in the Netherlands and New York for many years. His music explores the intersections of different genres and combines influences from modern jazz, contemporary classical music and a dose of indie-rock.

Video by Violeta Puerta Cano

Music and Lyrics by Peter Lenz


A shattering cry of despair, so faint I can’t hear it.

A blunt, overwhelming drone, swelling into an utter numbness before it implodes.

Leaving a vast emptiness. Absorbing all fortitude.

Like the hopelessness it’s coming from. Come you grey beauty.

Your silky touch calms my dry eyes.

Your clean breath cools the dread crawling up my throat.

Your observant presence escorts me through the boundless space of doubt.

Purity envelops the path ahead. It fills my heart with gratitude. And then Tranquility